UPCOMING ANNUAL MEETING: Wed, Jan 18th @ 7pm via Zoom only

Official notice and reminder:

A reminder:  The Annual Meeting of the Jackson Community Church will be held on Wednesday January 18th via Zoom at 7pm. 

Attached is the Annual Meeting Agenda and an amended copy of the Annual Report for your review.  The changes to the annual report:  Inclusion of the Trustees of the Trust Funds Report (Page 27 and attached) and the Team report from Membership and Church Life (Page 34 and attached). 

Physical copies are still available in the front of the church.

Zoom links to the Annual Meeting:

The Annual Meeting is open for all to attend.  Those on the church membership roll have voting privileges.  All other attendees input is welcome.  

AGENDA for Wed, Jan 18th Annual Meeting

Call to order: Meg Phillips, Council Member
Opening Prayer: Rev Gail Doktor, Pastor, Jackson Community Church
Roll call: Joanne Turner, Clerk

Action items:

  • Approval of minutes of last year’s annual meeting
  • Approval of Council action items since last year’s annual meeting
  • Acceptance of Clerk’s report: Joanne Turner
  • Finance report and acceptance of 2023 budget: Joanne Turner


  • Trustees of Trust Funds report
  • Acceptance of all reports of ‘champions’ and groups
  • Nominations from the floor

Election of officers and team/champions: Questions and Comments

Other Business

UPCOMING ANNUAL MEETING: Wed, Jan 18th @ 7pm via Zoom only
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