Sunday, July 14

    8am • Old Red Library (or outside if weather permits)
    10:30am   • Jackson Community Church & Livestream

    • Livestream to Facebook & jxncc.org – which also appears on jxncc.orgwebsite).Worship through zoom is discontinued, watching livestream is now the way to connect.
    • Music by Sharon Novak
    • Message by Rev Gail Do/ktor
  • HOSPITALITY following church
    11:30am • Parish Hall
  • Community Event: LEARN to SEW
    1:30-4:40pm • Whitney Community Center

    • There are just a few spots left for this fun class. Sigh up through our website whitneyccprograms.com
    • $20 fee includes all supplies and you go home with your very own pillow cas
  • Community Event: OPEN HOURS @ Jackson Historical Society
    1-3pm • Jackson Historical Society (Also open by appointment.)

  • Community MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT around town:
    • Shannon Door: Dan Parkhurst • 6-9pm
    • Red Parka: Tim Dion • 4-7pm
    • Ledge Brewing: North Rodeo • 4-6pm

Farewells: Geraldine (Gerry) Disbrow Tilton and Barry Brodil

Unexpected Goodbye to BARRY BRODIL

At the request of his widow Jan Brodil and their family, we share the unexpected and sad news that Barry Brodil died in his sleep while at home last night. Jan says that he played 18 holes of golf on Wednesday, drove himself to his haircut on Thursday, and was looking forward to the arrival of his son and daughter-in-law for a visit as of last night.

Jan observed that she was cancelling Barry’s tee times this morning, because he was such a social and active person with many friends looking forward to spending time with him. She also reflected that people in Jackson and the Mt Washington Valley were so wonderful and prayed for Barry for so long, she wanted our church and community to know how much they appreciate our long-distance care and support. During their time in the valley, Jan and Baery were active and beloved members of our community, and we remained connected with them when they moved to Massachusetts following Barry’s ski accident that caused spinal injury, paralysis, and life-altering experiences.

The family will send updates about any arrangements they make, especially their wishes for memorial contributions to causes that are meaningful to Barry Brodil and his family.

Farewell to GERRY TILTON

Gerry Tilton was in hospice at Memorial Hospital and receiving support from First Church in North Conway, including visits with Rev. Walt Hampton.  She had been diagnosed with a tumor in her lung, and died within a few brief days. Rev. Hampton shared: “Friends, Our dear Gerry slipped the surly bonds of earth last evening. A shining light of faith in action even to the end. I don’t have any additional details yet, but as soon as I do, I will update you. Blessings and peace to you. Wall”

Shared with us by Rev. Gordon Rankin, Conference Minister for NH UCC: “I wanted to let you know that Gerry TIlton passed into God’s eternal care yesterday evening.  A Service of Remembrance will be held at First Church of Christ Congregational in North Conway at a time yet to be set.”

Earlier, Rev. Walt Hampton had shared: “The work of a pastor is usually joyfu. Always beautiful. Sometimes hard. This is hard. Really hard. … please pray for her family, her friends, and all those who love her, that they may find comfort in Gerry’s extraordinary faith and confidence in life eternal.”

FRAUD using cell numbers pretending to be REV GAIL and asking for “help” and you to buy “gift cards”

Beware: the church has been alerted that a scammer is once again using Rev Gail’s name. He/she is texting or messaging fraudulent scam messages sent from fake text/phone 978 and 818 #’s and using Rev Gail’s name (not her email) .
  • Please don’t buy gift cards!
  • The text/emals contact people and ask them to quickly answer back, run an erand, and then buy  gift cards: THIS IS FAKE, THEFT, FRAUD!
  • If you reply, they’ll request you to buy gift cards, then they’ll ask you to scratch off the bak to reveal numbers, and thensend numbers only by text or email.

The church will not ask you to ‘secretly’ or quickly buy bulk supplies like this.

The scammer may also use other FAKE email accounts or numbers. DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS and then fllow instructions to sceratchj pff the back and send the numbers only.They’re stealing fom you!

  • CALL Rev Gail at 978.273.0308 if you have a question, and don’t follow any email/text/message instructions like this without speaking to Rev Gail personally first at her cell number.

The FAKE message received by one of our members looked something like this:

——– variations on this initial FAKE SCAMMING text message ——–
Hey! (or your name)
Text me when you get this message
I have an errand I’d like you to help me with. I need your help.——

If you answer,the scammer will ask if you can help. Then ask yo to buy gift cards. then instruct yo to scratch the backs to reveal the  numbers, and ask you to send the numbers only (not the cards) by text or email. They will steal the value o the gift  cards by cashing them in online.

THIS IS NOT REV GAIL ASKING. They don’t have my phone number or email, they’re usng a fake account they’ve assigned to Rev Gail’s  name to commit fraud.  The church won’t ask you to do such anerrand in bulk.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS about the validity of a request, call Rev Gail’s cell: 978.273.0308 and speak ro Rev Gail in person!


The police are aware of this ongoing problem. Scammers are NOT using either church or Rev Gail’s email accounts or phone number, but do have access to contact info (we don’t know how), and are contacting people using a fake email account that is identified as Rev Gail.

We have reported the incident, but PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND to the email or act on any ‘secret’ instructions to buy gift cards and then provide all the pin numbers directly by email. This is THEFT!

We’re so sorry that people are committing crimes during a time when people are being generous, but please be careful and cautious with all giving.

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