London School of Jewish Studies and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks Legacy Offer Torah on Violence in Name of God

TODAY (UK time):
  • Rabbi Alex Israel will speak about Cain, Abel and Rabbi Sacks’ thoughts on violence in the name of God (7.00 pm – 7.45 pm UK time).
  • Following that, we will be hearing reflections and words of Torah from some … educators who live in Israel (7.45 pm – 8.15 pm), including Rabbi Johnny Solomon, Dr Tanya White, Rabbanit Leah Herzog and Rabbanit Surale Rosen.
  • Register using this link (sign-up is free). Registration is required. LINK: https://www.lsjs.ac.uk/covenant-and-continuity-sefer-bereshit-the-book-of-genesis-1921.php

WALK to END ALZHEIMERS: Sat, Oct 14 @ Great Glen Trails


Sat, Oct 14
Great Glen Trails
Meet @ 10am – JCC Parking Lot

Join JCC and the Eagles Rest team or offer your support to Cure Alzheimers: http://act.alz.org/goto/eaglesrest2023
  • Meet in the Jackson Community Church parking lot at 10 to carpool or caravan north to Great Glen
We’ll walk locally on Oct 14, same day as the walk in Greater Portland, because this gives us a “matching day” to do our local walk.

To register please go to : Alzheimers Walk, Find and select register, follow the prompts, (you want to Join a team) search for Eagle’s Rest, Our team should come up and you can then Join.
This event is open to everyone. We walk to raise funds and awareness to end Alzheimers, as part of the larger national initiative. When weather holds, the foliage is stunning.

We will meet at the Jackson Community Church poarking lot, then carpool  or caravan up to Great Glen.

Those who wish to extend the day are invited to stay and enjoy lunch together at the Glen House (everybody picks up their own bill).

Join or Support JCC’s Teams to Climb and Walk for Causes!

Jen’s Friends


Sat, Sept 16 • 8am-Noon

Mt. Cranmore, North Conway

FOR JCC TEAM, contact:

  • Email or text Claire Mallette. Contact info available through church office.

Jen’s Friends gives 100% of monies raised to MWV cancer patients to help defray costs incurred during treatment such as groceries, utility bills, gas cards, mortage,rent,taxes, specialty items for cancer patients, etc.,expenses not covered by insurance. All volunteer run!

Jen Hill’s friends and family supported her financially through cancer treatment  and she requested it was to be shared with other cancer patients 26 years ago.

We have a team! Our goal is 15 walkers, raising $2000.  We hope to exceed both! Many of our friends and members live with cancer now, are survivors, or grieve someone who died due to cancer.

No problem! You can ride the chairlift up,down, or both,for free! Watch Jean Limmer dancers at the summit. Enjoy a free lunch, music, silent auction. Or you can donate to our team, “JCC Jen’s Friends  and solicit friends,neighbors and family to donate to our team.


  • Soon the Jensfriends.org website will have the Hill Climb team registration and donations up and running, watch for reminders!
  • Or use a donation envelope at church, with check payable to: Jen’s Friends  Climb Against Cancer for checks, Memo: JCC Team, Jen’s friends Climb Against Cancer. On envelope for checks or cash write: JCC Team, Jen’s Friends.

Info forthcoming about ordering a sign that will be posted along the route with “In Support of” or “In memory of.” To learn more about this organization go to: Jensfriends.org

From JCC”s CLIMB AGAINST CANCER team organizer Claire Mallette: “Hope you can join me either live or virtually for another stellar day on September 16 for the 26th annual Climb Against Cancer for Jen’s Friends. This year I am walking with the Jackson Community Church Team. We hope to surpass our goal of $2000. As you probably know Jen’s Friends is 100% volunteer run, so 100% of monies raised supports Valley folks in need as they battle Cancer with $ for gas,food, utilities, childcare,etc.
Please consider registering for the Jackson Community Church Team. You don’t have to hike! If you join us at Cranmore on September 16th you can also ride the chairlift up and down for free, enjoy the music, dance performance,  Zumba warm-up with Dottie, amazing free lunch, festive atmosphere! If busy that day still register and walk virtually.
Use the link below to register and/or donate. When asked if you’d like to join an existing team PLEASE click on Jackson Community Church Team!  It would be so much fun to enjoy this day with you!”
Thanks for you support! Claire”


Sat, Oct 14
Great Glen Trails

Join our JCC team or offer your support to Cure Alzheimers

We’ll walk locally on Oct 14, same day as the walk in Greater Portland, because this gives us a “matching day” to do our local walk.

To register please go to : Alzheimers Walk, Find and select register, follow the prompts, (you want to Join a team) search for Eagle’s Rest, Our team should come up and you can then Join.

This event is open to everyone who wishes to participate or support (registration required).  Hopefully we will have great weather and foliage as we did last year.

Special Opportunities Made Possible by UCC National Synod and NH Council of Churches: LEARNING TOGETHER in July, August and September!

Some questions for followup discussions after screenings of keynote addresses or documentary:

  1. What was your takeaway? What did you appreciate about the documentary?
  2. What surprised you about this 2022 documentary filmed in NH?
  3. What were one (or more) questions you have after watching this video? Were any areas particularly challenging? Is there something you want to learn more about?
  4. What thoughts do you now have about this nonprofit’s intentional effort to become more inclusive and how it might reflect on what we could do in our own community?

Attend Screenings of KEYNOTE SPEAKERS
from UCC NATIONAL SYNOD: Bryan Stevenson & Ibram X. Kendi

WED, JULY 19 @ 3pm:
Screening of Q&A with Ibram X. Kendi

Join us in the JCC Parish Hall. Please RSVP if you are interested in seeing this presentation.

Ibram X. Kendi (More info about this scholar, author and speaker.)

For a limited time, get access to this important conversation between Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Rev. Traci Blackmon and Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson.

Please note: access to this recorded conversation is only available until July 31st, 2023.

WED, AUG 16 @ 3pm:
Screening of keynote address by Bryan Stevenson.

Join us in the JCC Parish Hall. Please RSVP if you are interested in seeing this presentation.

Bryan Stevenson (more about this attorney, author and scholar)

In this moving and poignant speech, Bryan Stevenson talks about how to engage the work of justice with courage, compassion and a fierce hope for a better world. Drawing on his experience as an attorney defending vulnerable clients within a broken judicial system, he illustrates how our proximity to the pain of others creates the internal conviction to fight for justice and goodness in the world. He speaks of his grandmother and the promises he made to her that became a guide for his life (and good advice for ours). Stevenson is a prophet for our time with big expectations for the role of the Church in shaping a more just world for all.

From JCC: Given the limited availability of these presentations from the UCC, and their expense, the church will purchase access and organize in-person screenings of these two events.

This arrangement is based on the UCC criteria for access to these videos: “The cost is $34 for each keynote. The recordings cannot be downloaded, but can be watched more than once. Again, the Ibram X. Kendi keynote will only be available until July 31, 2023.” We’ll focus on Ibram X. Kendi’s keynote address this month,  since it is only available for viewing through July 31.

We’ll continue this fall:

WED, SEPT 20 @ 3:30pm
SANTA CAMP Documentary Viewing with JCC

Watch together and discuss in September!

Link to trailer of Santa Camp documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXteuDaI7Sk

Part of our ongoing process to explore what it means to be ever-more inclusive and open in our welcome to all family, friends, and neighbors.

Summer Seminar & Keynote
by Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward
(author of The 7 Deadly Sins of White Christian Nationalism)

Attend In-Person for free!
Concord, NH
Tue, Aug 29 (free)

You can register here: https://www.nhcucc.info/event-details/lecture-seminar-with-carter-heyward

Message from NH Council of Churches:
Dear Church,
Have you registered for our summer keynote yet with Rev. Dr. Carter Heyward?
Just yesterday, I gathered with community and faith leaders regarding the latest act of white supremacist violence in our state. In a time of rising hate activity, the Church has a particular responsibility in the work of dismantling white Christian nationalism. It is a gift to have an expert like Carter with us to do just that!
We invite you to join us for either the daytime event, evening event, or both! The event is generously happening at no cost to you to ensure as many people as would like to attend are able to do so. We hope you will make this a part of your summer plans, and share with your neighbors…

Watch if you want to learn more about this topic as addressed by the UCC:
A Presentation by Rev. Traci D. Blackmon, RN, MDiv. Associate General Minister of Justice & Local Church Ministries in the United Church of Christ.

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