CAUTION: Fraudulent texts/email messages sent with Rev Gail’s name asking you to run an errand …

Beware: the church has been alerted that a scammer is once again using Rev Gail’s name. He/she is texting or messaging fraudulent scam messages sent from fake text/phone # or fake email address and using Rev Gail’s name (not her email) .
Please don’t buy gift cards!
The texts/emails contact people and
ask them to quickly answer back,
run an errand, and then buy  gift cards:
They’ll ask you to scratch off the bak to reveal numbers, and then send numbers only by text or email.
The church will not ask you to ‘secretly’ or quickly buy bulk supplies like this.

The scammer may also use other FAKE email accounts or numbers. DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS and then fllow instructions to sceratchj pff the back and send the numbers only.They’re stealing fom you!

CALL Rev Gail if you have a question,
and don’t follow any email/text/message instructions
like this without speaking to Rev Gail personally first at her cell number.

The FAKE message received by one of our members looked something like this:
——– variations on this initial FAKE SCAMMING text message ——–
Hey! (or your name)
Text me when you get this message
I have an errand I’d like you to help me with. — Gail Doktor

If you answer,the scammer will ask if you can help. Then ask yo to buy gift cards. then instruct yo to scratch the backs to reveal the  numbers, and ask you to send the numbers only (not the cards) by text or email. They will steal the value o the gift  cards by cashing them in online.

THIS IS NOT REV GAIL ASKING. They don’t have Rev Gail’s phone number or email, they’re using a fake account they’ve assigned to Rev Gail’s  name to commit fraud.  The church won’t ask you to do such anerrand in bulk.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS about the validity of a request, call Rev Gail’s cell: 978.273.0308 and speak ro Rev Gail in person!

CAUTION: Fraudulent texts/email messages sent with Rev Gail’s name asking you to run an errand …
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