Simplifying Church Structure: March 4

Facilitator Rev. Doug Bixby will lead a workshop for our church. Everyone is welcome to attend.

With his permission, we’ll provide brief excerpts from his book in downloadable PDF form (and printed copies). We also have a limited number of the complete volume for use before and after the workshop (these are available for immediate pickup).

This will kick-start the elimination of redundant and unnecessary committees, revitalize the teams that have a specific reason for being in existence, and focus our work on the mission and action of the church, minimizing administrative overload and freeing up energy and resources for the “why” that really moves us and gives us joy.

Causes We Support


The Jackson Community Church has a very active Mission Committee and strongly support many local, regional,  national and global programs.


Local programs include

  • ​Jen’s Friends
  • MWV Habitat for Humanity
  • Angels and Elves
  • Northern Human Services
  • Children Unlimited
  • Local food pantry (Bartlett/Jackson)
  • Gibson Center
  • Starting Point
  • White Mountain Community Health Center
  • 68 Hours of Hunger

Regional, National and Global programs include

  • American Cancer Society – Race to Beat Cancer
  • Horton Center
  • Star Island
  • One Great Hour of Sharing
  • Neighbors in Need
  • Christmas Fund
  • Haitian Health Foundation
  • Zimbabwe – Chikanga Church
  • ABAN
  • Andover Newton Seminary
  • Honduras Hope
  • Pease Greeters – Knitted caps for our soldiers click here for the pattern or more information at

For more information on what the Mission Committee is up to this month please check out the monthly newsletter.

Scholarships Available…

Bushee Thorn    – click here for a 2017 application to for assistance in attending a summer camp

Olive Godfrey     – click here for a 2017 application for Jackson residence attending higher education