From Jan 17-20, the church building will be locked for public safety.


  • ZOOM PROGRAMS CONTINUEWorship (Jan 17) and Annual Meeting (Jan 20)

Unfortunately, churches at a nationwide level received notification this weekend to be cautious about opening and using our buildings for any reason, especially on Sun, Jan 17 and Wed, Jan 20. Local police also passed along caution. Apparently some churches and faith communities — including UCC churches — are considered potential targets during this period of social and political unrest.

Notably, the NH Conference of the UCC (United Church of Christ) has investigated further, checking in with Homeland Security, FBI and NH State Police, and finds that threats to churches and faith communities in our state are not considered credible or active. Yet caution is recommended.

The JCC church council has chosen to keep the building closed, including locking the front doors, for safety from Jan 17-20. This is the first time in five years we have intentionally locked our sanctuary. We remained open even through COVID-19.

Zoom programming will continue as planned, including worship and our annual meeting. As of now, however, all in-person activity is suspended through Wed, Jan 20. Rev Gail will lead worship remotely.

We regretfully request that no one enter the building. Even if you have a key, you are asked not to use it. We will keep everyone posted during the week.

  • Worship will take place on Sunday via zoom.
  • The JCC annual meeting will continue as planned for Wed, Jan 20 @ 7pm via zoom, unless a national emergency arises, in which case the council reserves the right to postpone an annual meeting. Please watch your email on Wednesday for any updates.

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