BEWARE: Third Email Scam in a Month

Apparently the mischief continues. Subject line this time says PEACE BE WITH YOU. This is an email SCAM using Rev Gail’s name to request favors, possibly gift card purchases. DON’T REPLY / DON’T DO IT. They are coming from gmail addresses that have been created specifically to look real ( or are the latest ones), but they aren’t from Rev Gail!

We have been advised that a SCAM email message is circulating again. It contains message such as, “I need a favor, can you contact me” and then “Blessings” and may proceed (if you reply) to a request for gift cards. This is fraud!

We have already contacted the federal authorities, local authorities, internet email providers, and other agencies about the issue. Mostly, we have to be cautious as individuals about verifying the validity of requests to spend money, send funds, etc.

These scammers have acquired a partial contact list. Do not act on any message that asks for a favor. Please contact the church directly, or call/text Rev Gail, and check in, if you have a question about whether any email is legitimate. If you check the “reply” email (but please don’t answer the email and write back to the scammers), you’ll see that it doesn’t come from Rev Gail’s valid email addresses, but is actually coming from fake email address that criminals have set up and attached to Rev Gail’s name.

Churches and ministers nationwide have reported this problem. It’s the second time in one month that scammers have attempted it with Rev Gail’s name and the church’s contacts. Please be cautious and contact Rev Gail by phone or through church email ( to check if you’re worried about contacts. — Rev Gail

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