Beware: SCAM EMAIL REQUEST from gmail account pretending to be Rev Gail and asking you to buy gift cards (if you reply and exchange emails with the scammer)

Beware: the church has been alerted that a scammer is once again using Rev Gail’s name. He/she is texting or messaging from a fake gmail account ( to contact people and ask them to quickly answer back and then buy gift cards: THIS IS FAKE, THEFT, FRAUD! The church will not ask you to ‘secretly’ or quickly buy anything like this.

They may also use other FAKE email accounts or numbers. DO NOT BUY GIFT CARDS.

CALL Rev Gail if you ever have a question, and don’t follow any email/text/message instructions like this without speaking to Rev Gail personally first at her cell number. You can find Rev Gail’s contact inside legitimate emails from the church (at the bottom).

The FAKE EMAIL message received by one of our members looked like this:   ——– Original FAKE SCAMMING message ——– From: Church Online <>  Date: 4/13/21 3:33 PM (GMT-05:00)  Subject: MANY BLESSINGS
    Hi, How Are You?
I Need An Assistance From You?
Please Let Me Know If You Get This   Thanks.
Peace & Blessings   Rev. Gail Pomeroy Doktor
Jackson Community Church
127 Main Street • PO Box 381 • Jackson, NH

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