Children & youth opportunities in June!

  • Community Event: TRILLIUM SUMMIT
    8:30am-12:30pm • Whitney Community Center
    Initiative  to enrich and empower the lives of girls and women in Mt Washington Valley. Keynote by Riley Parkhurst. Includes interactive games, crafts, discussions, presentations
    and demonstrations. Girls and women will explore their own strengths, learn new skills, become better communicators and learn how to form healthy relationships with others. More info or to register for this program.
    All Day • Horton Center, Pine Mountain
    11am worship @ Castle Rock followed by BBQ, tours & games! All day! All are welcome to our Open House! Please call or email to register. No charge.

Horton Center, Pine Mountain
(Off Rte 16 between Jackson and Gorham)
June 21-23
Rev Gail & Chris Doktor – Deans

  • Register for a weekend of outdoor adventures, family getaway, and faith engagement.

8:30am-12:30pm • Mon-Fri, June 24-28
Jackson Community Church

  • Open K-6 plus CIT (counselor-in-training) positions for 7th-grade-and-older students.
  • Based (in part) on peace curriculum used at from Horton Center (led by Deans Chris and Gail Doktor June 21-23)
  • Focuses on peace and community activism
  • Contemplative practices
  • Music and arts
  • Development of spiritual practices to support this goal, draws on resources from Christian, Buddhist and other traditions
  • Register via eventbrite.
  • Free; donations accepted.

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