Thank You from Jeanette Heidmann

To my friends in the Jackson Community

First I wish to acknowledge all of your prayers, cards and concerns for Steve and & over the past weeks, months and years.  While his passing leaves a great personal void, I am comforted by your eagerness to reach out and help in whatever way is needed.  Right now slow, small contacts seem best, rather than the overwhelming idea of facing all of your loving and caring faces at once. You have been such a great community not only for myself but also good friends to Steve. While not a great church goer, you are the community he called friends and neighbors.

So many have offered to bring food, but with just me, my needs are small and I have a large stockpile of items in the pantry and freezer. If anyone would like to arrange to come over and cook lunch or dinner with me that would be welcome, as long as it wasn’t every night. :-).

Don’t be surprised if you see me on the snowshoe or ski trails or at the post office. Getting out and being active is great therapy and I look forward to joining you in these adventures over the next couple of weeks.

With Love & Thanks, Jeanette Heidmann

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